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( Small incision Lenticule extraction ) is  3rd generation FDA approved laser vision correction system ( PRK, Lasik and 3rd generation SMILE Minimally invasive through

80 percent less incision as compared to all types of Lasik procedures

Safest technique

Less painful in the immediate post operative phase

SMILE is blade free and flap less refractive error correction technique which has many advantages over LASIK.    (SMILE is Small Incision Lenticule Extraction.    In this technique, different planes and side cuts are created by femtosecond laser in the cornea depending on refractive error and stromal tissue lenticule is extracted through a small incision created by femtosecond laser. 

Dr Om parkash eye institute offers all latest technologies under one roof . We offers


– Contoura

– Trans PRK



We customise and decide which technology is the best for your eyes.

Advantages of SMILE are:                         

        1. Early and better healing.

        2. Negligible pain.

        3. No flap related complications as there is no flap.

        4. Much better corneal biomechanical strength.

        5. No additional risk in case of injury to the eye as there is no corneal flap, thus more suited to persons engaged in contact sports like boxing, wrestling, kabbadi, basketball and group dancing etc.

        6. Immediate visual recovery with least post op symptoms thus early return to work.

        7. Femtosecond laser used in SMILE is less vulnerable to changes in atmospheric conditions like humidity and temperature variations thus more accurate and predictable tissue removal resulting in less chances of under and over correction of refractive error.

        8. Less chances of post procedure dry eyes as side cut in SMILE is very very small as compared to LASIK thus negligible cutting of peripheral corneal nerves which also contribute to very less chances of decrease in corneal sensitivity post op.         
        1. No conjunctival oedema and subconjuntival haemorrhages as suction is corneal.

        2. More acceptable to refractive surgery candidates as most of them are in their most active phase of life.


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