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Contoura Vision

CONTOURA is an advanced treatment system for LASIK procedure.

Following   manual flap making or  femto second laser flap creation, the contoura  software gives a unique shape to the surface of the cornea by removing all tiny and large irregularities while correcting refractive errors , The advantages of CONTOURA Lasik system include.

The advantages of CONTOURA Lasik system Include.

  • The topoguided optimisation enhances the corneal shaping by improving focusing of light, providing better quality of vision and lessening  side effects of  glare and and halos at night
  • Visual recovery fast and early return to work
  • Retreatments when required are easy
  • Availability  of different softwares help in treating Hyperopia and hyperopia with astigmatism with great accuracy
  • Surface ablation treatment can be done with the same excimer laser system in thin corneas, thereby maintaining high quality biomechanical strength even in  thin corneas.

Allows  treatment in some  rejected  patients with corneal surfaces that are abnormal        

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